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It’s your choice who you use for insurance claims on auto glass.

Choose Nelson Auto Glass Specialists in Nelson or Westport

As we are an independent autoglass specialist we work with all insurance companies. If you come in to us we will call your insurance company and make all arrangements on your behalf with no extra cost involved. You don’t have to use your insurer’s approved supplier, as the policy owner it’s your choice. Come and talk to us and we will lodge the claim so you can get back on the road.

Remember, as the policy owner you get to choose who repairs your auto glass.

If you are not insured, don’t panic. Our excellent supply network means we can offer a great deal on your windscreen repair and replacement, come and see us for a no obligation quote. It will probably be much cheaper than you think.

Keep it local! Nelson Auto Glass Specialists are genuine, locally owned and operated.
For your convenience we have two courtesy cars available.